Important Vitamins For Bodybuilders

It is common for bodybuilders to take specialized nutritional supplements when they are in training. However, there are also some everyday vitamins that can help. If you want to take your bodybuilding to the next level, here are some vitamins to add to your diet.

1) Vitamin A
This important vitamin is a great one to use when preparing for a bodybuilding competition. Yes, vitamin A is important for good vision, but it also helps the body properly synthesize protein, thus helping build muscle tissue. It also helps to provide energy, since it is important to the body’s production of glycogen. This can really help during strenuous workouts.

2) Niacin (B3)
Niacin is extremely important to the body’s metabolic processes. Additionally, it helps maintain good energy levels. If you want to look more vascular, a form of niacin known as nicotine acid can help.

3) Thiamine (B1)
Thiamine, another of the B vitamins, is also extremely important to the body’s metabolism. Additionally, it can help with stamina and endurance, due to the fact that it is integral to the body’s production of hemoglobin. When the blood is rich in hemoglobin, more oxygen can be carried to the muscles. This can be extremely important during intense workouts.

4) Pyridoxine (B6)
Another B vitamin, pyridoxine, helps the body properly process protein in the diet. Without enough B6, the body has a harder time metabolizing protein. It also helps the body utilize carbohydrates.

5) Vitamin C
Vitamin C should be part of every bodybuilder’s diet. This vitamin plays a large role in helping the body heal and recover. This is important during workouts, as the body needs to continually grow new muscle cells and recover from the stress of bodybuilding workouts. It helps the body form collagen, which is vitally important to connective tissues. It is important to include a steady supply of vitamin C in the diet, since it is water soluble and is washed out of the body easily. Additionally, an adequate supply of vitamin C in the diet will help the body properly absorb iron, which is important for the proper functioning of muscle tissue.

6) Vitamin D
Without enough vitamin D, the body has a difficult time absorbing phosphorus and calcium. Both of these minerals are important to proper muscle function, as muscles cannot contract properly without these minerals. Taking enough vitamin D will really help your muscles achieve peak performance.

7) Vitamin E
Bodybuilding results are highly dependent upon the ability of muscle cells to recuperate and grow. An adequate amount of vitamin E will help. Additionally, its antioxidant properties are also important to healthy muscle cells.